24 Hours of Christmas

5:00 pm – Christmas Eve

6:00 pm

8:00 pm




9:00 pm

6:30 am – Christmas Day

7:00 am

8:00 am

10:00 am

1:00 pm

4:00 pm

6:00 pm


5:00 – The girls are anxiously awaiting the start of Christmas festivities
6:00 – Homemade pizza and a serious Phase 10 match up
8:00 – Exchanging gifts
9:00 – Cuddled up in new onesie pajamas to watch our holiday favorites
6:30 – An early morning wake up call to see what Santa brought
7:00 – Santa knew just what the girls wanted
8:00 – Kicking the day off with Christmas cocktails and cinnamon rolls
10:00 – Baking Justin’s favorite treats together in my new apron
1:00 – Dressed up for our first Christmas dinner alone together (outfit info here)
4:00 – Continuing the games
6:00 – Exhausted and ready for a Christmas classic

December Highlights + January Goals

This year I will be continuing last year’s resolution to make month-long goals as opposed to a year-long resolution in hopes of holding myself more accountable. January, even though completely cliché, will focus on bettering myself: working out, learning a new skill, and exploring mentally and physically. What is your 2015 New Year’s resolution? Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Check back each day this week for updated blog posts (I know, it’s crazy!).

1. Go snowshoeing (last year’s trip here)
2. Read a biography or memoir (finished this one)
3. Send one just because gift
4. Utilize my new Christmas gift and sign up for a class
5. Complete four weeks of this workout plan (4/4)
6. Take items to Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill
7. Book a family trip to somewhere new in March
8. Get organized (order this)
9. Haircut and colored
10. Download and listen to this podcast

DecemberHighlights1. Tax free shopping for Christmas gifts in Portland got the best of me (jk these are not all my packages)
2. Continuing my favorite Christmas tradition
3. Starting off the month right by putting up all the Christmas decorations
4. On the couch watching a Christmas movie is where I spent the majority of my time
5. Our first attempt at an apple pie
6. Finding quiet moments away from the holiday craziness to enjoy time together
7. Christmas Day family selfie
8. Rabbit or puppy footprints across the bed? We’ll never know!
9. Spending a quiet New Year’s Eve at home watching movies



As we hiked up to take our second Christmas card picture (last year’s here), we realized we had unintentionally started a holiday tradition. One where we hike through the cold snow hoping to find a picturesque spot before the pups get too cold, quickly switch clothes, snap a few photos while shivering in between takes, and hoof it back down the mountain at double speed to the warmth of the car. Every year it is type two fun that we end up reminiscing happily over throughout the year. But that’s the best thing about traditions…they start unknowingly and last in your memory forever. Whatever your traditions, embrace them fully and cherish this time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!


November Highlights + December Goals

November was a crazy month. One where we aren’t really sure where time went or what we did to fill it before we realized it was over and already into the next month (which may explain me posting this with only 10 days left in December). I’m looking forward to focusing on everything surrounding the holiday season this month since it is my favorite time of year. Even though I’m bummed that for the first time in my twenty-nine years of life I won’t be spending Christmas with my family, I am excited to start new traditions with Justin and celebrate as our own little family of four for the first time.

1. Purchase, wrap and mail Christmas presents to family back home
2. Continue our tradition of seeing “A Christmas Carol” at our favorite theater
3. Angel tree gifts and Toys for Tots
4. Create a Christmas Day playlist
5. Decorate gingerbread houses
6. Watch a new-to-us holiday movie (White Christmas, maybe?)
7. Celebrate our first Christmas alone with a full three course meal and starting new family traditions
8. Get a new job
9. Complete the first two weeks of this workout
10. Update our 2014 scrapbook through at least October


1. The prettiest merchandising in Vancouver
2. Cold, rainy Seattle weather calls for lots of snuggles under mounds of blankets
3. Imitating art
4. My ridiculously amazing parents dry packed our favorite ice-cream and drove it 8 HOURS to us – such a great, thoughtful surprise!
5. Finally reunited with my family for the first time in way too long
6. Attempting family recipes since we couldn’t be home for the holiday
7. Convinced Justin into trying Jillian’s Ripped in 30 with me – his funny outbursts made the whole workout worthwhile
8. To everyone’s disbelief, it SNOWED in Seattle
9. Thanksgiving Day entertainment in the form of this hilarious new app


Book Review x 6

Below is a brief recount of six books I have read over the past few months. I would absolutely love to hear if you have previously read any of them and what your thoughts were! And even more so, I would love new book recommendations (I think this one is next)! Looking for more recommendations? View past book reviews here.


Looking for Alaska by John Green: Miles “Pudge” Halter lead a boring life, craving “the Great Perhaps”. When he meets the clever, sexy, screwed up, and fascinating Alaska Young at Culver Creek Boarding School she pulls him into the Great Perhaps and nothing will ever be the same after. After reading John Green’s most famous book, The Fault in Our Stars, I immediately reached for this one, which I think is a million times better than it’s more well-known counterpart.

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight: In the middle of the most important meeting of her career, Kate receives a phone call from her daughter’s school; she’s been caught cheating and consequently is being suspended immediately. By the time Kate arrives at Amelia’s school, her stress turns to grief when she is greeted by firetrucks and police cars and the shocking fact that her daughter Amelia is dead. After months coping with the thought of Amelia jumping to her death, Kate receives an anonymous text: Amelia didn’t jump. If you loved Gone Girl and Gossip Girl, you’ll love this.

The Racketeer by John Grisham: The fifth federal judge in the history of the United States has just been found murdered in his remote cabin with his young secretary and an emptied safe. Malcolm Bannister, currently residing in a Federal Prison, knows who killed Judge Fawcett, but all information comes at a price and Malcom Bannister, aka the Racketeer, has his. A fast-paced, whodunit with enough twists and turns to keep everyone guessing.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn: At the age of seven, Libby Day survived the murders of her mother and two sisters and testified that her fifteen year-old brother, Ben, was the killer. Twenty-five years later, a secret society obsessed with notorious crimes finds Libby and offers to pay her money for details in hopes of finally setting Ben free. Through Libby’s search the unimaginable truth emerges and lands her back where she started – on the run from a killer. Completely disturbing and haunting (much more so than Gone Girl).

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai: The biography of the girl who was shot by the Taliban and awarded the Noble Peace Prize for her outspoken fight for equal education worldwide. Recounting her family’s history in part one was extremely daunting. The brief overviews of the country’s history and the countless names in part two were subsequently under and overwhelming. However, the final three parts that told the story of her fight for education rights and her life held my attention much better due to my ability to connect her words with the recent accounts on the news that I was already familiar with. Although the slow start is a struggle, Malala’s life is beyond inspiring and a great reminder to each of us to fight for the rights of others and our beliefs because one person can make a difference.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed: Following the death of her mother, a divorce, and a run of reckless behavior, 26 year-old Cheryl Strayed finds her inexperienced self alone on the Pacific Crest Trail hoping to figure out her life. As a woman who also has felt (feels) lost and confused and turned to travel as a path to the discovery of answers to personal struggles, I found this book extremely relatable and hopeful. Justin and I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at an REI event and found her even more impactful in person. Looking forward to seeing the movie starring Reese Witherspoon.