12 Hours // Snowshoeing Mount Rainier

For Christmas my parents surprised us with our own snowshoes so Justin and I couldn’t wait to head to the mountains this past Sunday to cross #9 off my January resolution list.




Snowshoeing-3 Snowshoeing-410:00

Snowshoeing-5 Snowshoeing-1411:00

Snowshoeing-1312:00 – 3:00

Snowshoeing-6 Snowshoeing-10 Snowshoeing-7 Snowshoeing-8 Snowshoeing-12 Snowshoeing-9Snowshoeing-154:00

20140106-202443.jpg20140106-202505.jpg 20140106-202515.jpg5:00 – 6:00

Snowshoeing-17 Snowshoeing-187:00

20140106-204043.jpg 20140106-204033.jpg7 // Rise and shine, it is so challenging to get out of a warm bed on a chilly morning
8 // Necessary reinforcements and entertainment for the 2.5 hour drive to Mount Rainier
9 // The cutest one room house near the Ranger Station where we stopped to ask for snow and avalanche conditions and route recommendations
10 // The trusty Saturn chained up for the drive up the mountain
11 // New gear is all set and ready for some fresh powder
12-3 // Snowshoeing on Mount Rainier via Paradise
4 // A quick dinner at The Hobo Inn, a 1922 family owned caboose restaurant in Elbe, Washington
5-6 // A final sunset view of Mount Rainier on our way back to Seattle
7 // All tuckered out and cozied into bed for a classic movie night from this list

December Highlights + January Goals

December and the year of 2013 have officially come and gone (watch my 2013 video recap here). It all feels like a whirlwind to the point that I still am struggling to grasp all that we did this past year and to realize that we now live in Seattle even though we started this year in Australia. It will definitely be a difficult year to top but I am looking forward to the different challenges and new adventures 2014 will bring.

With the start of a New Year, I know I am supposed to come up with some concrete yearlong resolution to better myself in some way, but to be honest I feel that a whole year resolution is just absolutely setting me up to fail. Besides fulfilling this resolution in 2012, I’ve never kept up with a resolution longer than February so instead of yearlong resolutions, Justin and I are vowing to make month-long resolutions that we set on the first of the month and will keep/complete by the end of the month so to hold myself accountable, I am going to share mine with all of you. Here are my January resolutions followed by our December highlights:

  1. Lose 4% of my body weight and win our DietBet.
  2. Apply for at least five new jobs.
  3. Buy fabric and create drawer liners for our dresser drawers.
  4. Drink not one sip of pop all month (#57 on this list).
  5. Post a blog post at least three times per week. (Major FAIL)
  6. Complete scrapbook pages for our Australia Zoo and snowshoe adventures.
  7. Drop off and pick up dry cleaning (it has been in a bag for three months).
  8. Record all birthdays and anniversaries for the month of January.
  9. Go snowshoeing.
  10. Schedule all doctors’ appointments (After researching our insurance plan this doesn’t make sense to do until April)

20140101-115135.jpg1. Birthday dinner at the most quintessential Christmas restaurant
2. Seats on the stage for our favorite performance of Christmas Carol at the ACT Theater
3. Cutting down our first real Christmas tree!
4. Rocking out at Macklemore’s last concert on his Heist tour
5. Date night at a local brewery
6. A month spent watching classic Christmas movies (Miracle on 34th Street, A Wonderful Life, Elf, White Christmas)
7. Sharing 7 looks for 1 holiday season
8. Crossing #7 off my 93 in 930 list
9. A beautiful sunset while home in Iowa visiting with friends and family


ChristmasCardSnuggling under comfy blankets next to warm fireplaces drinking and eating lots of delicious treats with our families is where you will find us all day today. Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones today celebrating the true meaning of the holiday season. Merry Christmas and thank you to each and every one of you that stop by this little blog of mine. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas-3To our surprise, Maddie and Oakley were absolute photo pros. Look how attentive they are watching Mama decorate the tree!

Christmas-5Ewww…Kissy, kissy.

Christmas-7DOWN SHE GOES! Note to self: next time make sure the chair is firmly placed in the snow.

Christmas-8Oakley immediately climbed on my lap to cuddle while Maddie howled at Dad to stop taking pictures and help Mom up!! How cute is her little mouth? *woof* *woof*

Christmas-9Christmas Card photo runner up – the squinting into the sun and that massive snow spot on my leg from falling (see above) demoted it to second place.


What I Wore // Christmas Card

Christmas_Card_Outfit-2Heading into the mountains to capture our 2013 Christmas card photo called for some major planning, perfect weather, and patience. Luckily we were blessed with all three plus some good laughs and memories. When dressing for your Christmas photo, you want to appear subtly festive. Leave the ugly sweaters at home and sport a combination of plaid, shades of red or green, sparkle, and/or visible layers, all of which remind us of cozying up, celebrating, and dressing for the holiday season. Check back Christmas morning for our official 2013 Christmas Card photo along with some bloopers from the shoot (i.e. a big fall into the snow). Do you send out Christmas cards?

Christmas_Card_Outfit-6 Boots | Leggings | Skirt (here, long version here) | Blouse (sold out, similar) | Scarf | Vest

Christmas_Card_Outfit-3Christmas_Card_Outfit-5 Christmas_Card_Outfit-4


The Christmas Challenge

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday weekend full of time with your families, pants-popping amounts of deliciously good food, time relaxing on the couch, and being thankful for what truly matters. With the passing of the Thanksgiving holiday comes the most exciting time: a month spent preparing for Christmas. This year I’m participating in Chelsea’s Holiday Challenge to make sure I squeeze in time for all my favorite holiday traditions this month. I would love to hear what your favorite holiday traditions are – share or link up your December bucket list below! Make sure to check out Chelsea’s list here and follow me on Instagram for pictures of my daily doses of holiday cheer! Happy December everyone!