Bridal Shower Games

Attempting to eliminate the completion of embarrassing tasks and the requirement to know everything about the bride/groom, I chose two classic games with a bridal twist: Bridal Shower Scattergories, in which guests brainstorm creative answers to ten questions concerning a wedding, and Bridal Bingo, where prior to opening presents guests fill out a Bingo board with gifts they think the bride may receive.  In order to provide each guest a solid surface to write on without having to pass out all my favorite magazines, I simply attached each Scattergories game with double sided tape to white foam board, cut it to size using a utility knife, placed the Bridal Bingo game on top, attached a pencil through a white ribbon bow, and placed them all in a basket for easy distribution!  What games do you love and/or hate to play at bridal showers? 

Step 1:  Using double-sided tape, attach each Scattergories game board to white foam board.

Step 2:  Using a utility knife and a straight edge, cut each game board to size.

Step 3:  Place the BINGO game on top and attach with a white ribbon making sure to tie in a pencil as well!

Step 4:  Place all games in a basket or crate to make distribution of the games easier!

88 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Games

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  2. I LOVE the bingo card! Is there anyway I too can get the template for it? My sister’s shower is this weekend and her color is green!! Thank you!

  3. Would love to get a template of the scattergories game for a shower we are hosting in July. Any chance you could send me a printable version? Thanks a ton!

  4. I sent you an email requesting the template, I LOVE it and the colors would be perfect for my friend’s shower in a few weeks! Hope that’s okay!!

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  6. I would like to have a copy of the scattergories bridal game you are showing if that is possible. Thank you for considering this request.

  7. HI, i love both these ideas, can you please send me a template? the colors match
    perfectly for my best friends wedding!!! and such a cute idea with the ribbon and the pencils!!! LOVE IT :) thank you

  8. I am sure you get this all the time but I just emailed a request for bridal scategories. Such a cute idea! And you are still getting requests a year and a half later! Nice job with that one!

  9. I’m jumping on the boat…LOVE the scattergories game…I sent you an e-mail and would greatly appreciate it if you could send me that file : )
    Thanks SO much!

  10. Hi! I’m putting together a bridal shower for this Thursday night and LOVE the Scattergories game idea:) Would it be possible for you to email me a printable version???? I’ll email you now, my name is Shelby. Thanks so much, I think this game will be a large hit!

  11. Can you send me the Scattergories game. Also…instructions on how to play :-S…Just want to make sure I have the concept correct. It has been a while since I played :-) Thanks!

  12. It’s January 10th 2014! & you are still getting requests…maybe you should market this!,,Would LOVE Scattegories for my shower! I will send you an email ASAP! Thanks soon much!


  13. My daughter is planning on having board games for guests to play at her wedding and thought she might enjoy playing this at her bridal shower too! Would you mind sending me the printable version and the rules as well? Thanks so much!

  14. Hi! Looks like you are still sending this out. My sister is getting married this summer. Any way you could forward me the Scattergories game? Looks really fun :) Thank you!

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